A Little Spice Goes a Long Way

Add spice to your puzzling. As with any culinary discoverythe journey is half the fun. Jigsaw puzzles are just the same.

Connexio Puzzles 'Spice of Life' features a1000 piece puzzle of exotic spices and delicate herbs. Blend these together one pinch at a time and enjoy this aromatic puzzling experience.

An aromatic activity choice out of a box!

Image is Everything!

Connexio Puzzles use superb photosmeticulously sourced from gifted artists. Our impressive boxes have been thoughtfully designed and crafted to display a largeclear image.

You will enjoy the delightful box as much as the puzzle inside!

It's All About the Detail

Appreciate the details.

Our puzzles are made from the finest quality grayboard and printed with non-toxic ink. All pieces are precision cutfitting together beautifully. Small sections can be lifted and moved around your working space.

Happy dust-free puzzling!

Designed in Australia

Designed with great care by three passionate Australian educators.

Moments of connection have been created and packaged into a beautiful grand box just for you!

The Connexio Puzzle Range

Sports Up!

Love your sport

You need staminastrengthskillspirit ... AND a Sports Up! puzzle.

The best part of sport is having the opportunity to play!

Viva Italia

Our puzzle brings the perfect mix of culturehistory and architecture. Be captivated by the vibrancy and alluring reminders of Italy. Appreciate the good things in life.

Choose Viva Italia!

City Lights

New Orleansthe home of jazz musicwill come to life piece by piece. Socrank up that jazz and enjoy the sights and sounds of City Lights with this Connexio Puzzle.

Spice of Life

Be inspired by simple things - aromatic spicesfragrant aromas and culinary delights. Enjoy all of thisalong with the intensity of vibrant colors.

We think variety is the "Spice of Life"!


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