Montessori Toys for 0-2 Year Old Baby

The Object Permanence Box with Drawer consists of a wooden box with a hole on top into which the included ball can be dropped and then retrieved from the drawer.

Sensory aids for 0 to 3 years old can exercise children's hand-eye coordination through simple movements.

Great Toys for Children

  • One of the most important things that a child learns in the first year of its life is object permanence understanding that an object (or person) exists even when hidden (or away).
  • It requires the ability to form a mental representation of the missing object or item. This object permanence box with a drawerused in Montessori institutionshelp to develop this understanding.
  • This material develops hand-eye coordination and indirectly allows the child to experience object permanence.

Wooden Object Permanence Box with Drawer

  • The surface of the wooden ball is finely polished and polishedsmooth and without burrs.
  • The diameter of the ball is 1.77 incheswhich can reduce the risk of accidental swallowing by children.

Howeverchildren still need to be supervised by their parents when playing with this toy.

Montessori Hand-eye coordination Toys

Wonderful Gift for 0-2 Years Old Boys and Girls

It practices precise hand movements while sending information to the brain as well as develops handwrist and finger control - also known as "refined hand movements".

With repeated use of this materialthe child learns how it feels to succeed when he has achieved a goal on his own.

The Imbucare box is a cognitive development activity of object permanence.
The montessori toy is also designed to help the child recognize whilst developing their fine motor skills.
It is made of high-quality woodgood workmanshipmoisture and abrasion resistancesmooth and burr-free.

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