The Galaxy's Most Huggable Friend!

In a galaxy far away... There is a beautiful planet called Babooch.This is where the Baboochies lived and played and were very happy because they took good care of their planet.

Because Baboochies are nice, They tried to share their planet with the evil Zorchtanswhosplanet was dying. Unfortunatelythe Zorchtans did not like that theBaboochies were so cheerful. So they came up with a plan...

They did not want to share! The Zorchtans wanted the planet all to themselvesand theBaboochies were scared. They dont like to fightand they are muchsmaller than the Zorchtans.

Time to escape! Baboochies escaped from the Zorchtansand traveled far and wideacross the universe to find a new home. All they want is somewhere theycan play and be happy.

What about this one One day they found a nice planet that they had never seen before. TheZorchtans can't live therebut the Baboochies can! But they needsomeone to adopt them so they can stay...

Baboochies love to play, Luckilythe smaller Earth people like to play too. And they take good care of their toys! Any Baboochi would love to be adopted by them!

The Baboochies Need You!

Some Baboochies have already arrived and more are on their way. They are waiting at toy stores all over the world for children to find and adopt them so they can play and be safe from the Zorchtans forever!

WHAT IS A BABOOCHI The purpose of Baboochi is to help parents teach their children life basicswhile MAKING LEARNING FUN. Such things as cleaning up their room or after themselvesputting their toys awaytying their shoesmaking their bedhaving good mannerssaying please and thank youloving and respecting their parentsfamilyfriends and other children (anti-bullying)just to name but a few.
THE STORY OF BABOOCHI Once upon a timethere was a planet called Babooch. This is where the Baboochies lived and they were very happy. Baboochis are very lovingkind and peaceful. They love to laughand play and learn new things. One day the Baboochis came to Earth. The Baboochis love to learn and have funjust like the children on Earth do. Baboochis need to be adopted into loving homes. So please adopt a Baboochi todayand help them love and learnwith you and your children.
CHILDRENS BOOK INCLUDED. Each plush doll comes with a hard cover childrens storybooktelling the story of Baboochi that you can read to your child (as a bedtime storybefore a nap or just during the day). If your child knows how to readits very easy so they can also read it themselves. We have many more books coming toocalled The Adventures Of Baboochi.
OFFICIAL ADOPTION PAPERS INCLUDED Each Baboochi comes with Official Adoption papers. Instructions on how to get your Adoption Papers are included on the box and in the back of the hard cover Childrens Book that is included with every toy. The legs and arms are also bendable and can be moved into different positions.
WONDERFUL GIFT ITEM Baboochi makes a great gift for any child for any occasion. Looking for a Birthday gift Christmas or Hanukkah gift Or a Baby Shower gift Children love them and they can take Baboochi anywhere. In addition to being a funcutesoft and cuddly toy that children can play withit is educational too. Perfect for cuddlingthe luxurious and soft huggable body makes a great snuggle buddy. The doll can be played with inside or out.

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Baboochi Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Doll Fun Interactive Educational Learning for Children Age 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Hard Cover Childrens Story Book Incl For Kids Girls Boys For Playing Inside Out Plush Interactive Toy Figures Blue 9B9wg18iv

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