Aids gum pain relief

At around 6 months of agebabies often begin to grow out their first tooth. One of the signs that your baby is teething is that they start to chew on their fingerstoys or other objects they get hold of. If your infant experiences discomfort in their gums during this periodgently rubbing their gums with a clean finger or giving them a teether may help! A few teething toys will make things all better. Soothing and stimulatingour baby teething mittens and fruit teethers will relieve your babys sensitive gums.

Promotes sensory fun

Touch plays an instrumental role in brain development and growthespecially in early life. Providing visual and tactile stimulibabies will instantly be drawn to these adorable sensory teethers! Its cute colors and textured surfaces will encourage your little one to explore while chewing and massaging their gums. Our baby mittens are the ideal size for infants hands and mouthsposing no choking risk. Our lightweight fruit teething toys have elongated handles to promote reachingclutching and essential sensory development.

Massages gums gently

Chilled but not frozen is the way to go if your bundle of joy is undergoing a tough time teething. Soft items like teething ringswet washcloths or pacifiers can be used to reduce swelling and alleviate pain! Avoid frozen toys as they may cause frostbiteor gel-filled toys as they may be easily punctured - insteadopt for solid food-grade silicone teethers like ours. BPA and PVC freethese gentle silicone toys can be refrigerated for additional soothing comfort. The cool temperature calls!

Lightweight to make it easy to take with you in a diaper bagour soft silicone teethers can be given to your child in strollerscar seats and cradles to keep them happy and comfortable.

A lot of love goes into our product packaging so that you can send your love to new families and parents.

For an effortless gifting experiencechoose our teething mittens and teething toy set. We incorporate thoughtful messaging into our designs to ensure a hassle-free gift is ready for delivery!

PROVIDES TEETHING RELIEF - Soothe soreswollen gums with these infant teething toysdesigned for added cooling comfort when you put them in the fridge! Our teether toys for babies 0-6 months old have many massage textures to ease your little one's teething pains while aiding the eruption of new teeth
SENSORY FUN! - Our cold teethers for babies include a ferris wheel baby teetherbaby fruit teethersplus a pair of teething mittens in cute candy colors. The built-in phonic membrane on our wearable infant mitten teether makes crinkly sounds to stimulate the senses when your toddler bites on it!
FOOD GRADE SAFETY - Made of 100% siliconethese teething toys for babies 6-12 months old are soft and flexible. Guaranteed gentle on your baby's delicate gums! What's moreour infant teethers and hand teether are PVCphthalate and cadmium free to promote healthy oral development
MAXIMUM COMFORT - The breathable cotton fabric in our teething glove ensures that your child's hands are always cocooned and warm. Absorbent to wipe up excess droolthese organic teethers for babies deter your infant from self-scratching and prevent blisters from thumb-sucking
THE PERFECT BABY GIFT - Our exquisitely packaged fruit baby teether and teething rings for babies 0-6 months old make your gift hassle-free! Suitable for occasions such as first birthdays and Christmas. Your little one deserves the best teething toys that are machine washable and dishwasher-friendly

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