CubicFun National Geographic Series - SET OFF FOR EXPLORATION


  • Follow the instructions on the booklet to build your puzzle. Each puzzle piece is numbered to help you complete the assembly.
  • Assemble with patience and carefulnessdo not force to interlock any two pieces/components.
  • Every puzzle pieces have two sidesand can be bended into only one directionplease make sure the correct side of the pieces are faced outward.
  • Assemble every section of the model without any toolssuch as knifeand scissorsneither as gluing.

Learn while assemblingencourages kids hands-on ability,and logical thinking.Compare with traditional puzzle,it has a strong three-dimensional sense.
Lots of fun The whole family will get lots knowledge,and will put the cartoon sticker on the book page while built up the model.
Safe Green No tools glue needed - easy to assemble perfectly. Made of EPS foam boardEco-friendly protection.
Inner Included 67 pcs of puzzleClear instructionX1,Cartoon stickerX 1National Geographic BookletX1;Built-up Model approx size 4.57" L x 23.62" W x 8.27" H/37 x 60 x 23 cm
Recommend ages above 5-12 years

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CubicFun National Geographic 3D Kids Puzzles Model Kits Toys with Booklet for Children Teens and Adults Amazon Rain Forest kit DS0979h Brain Teasers Season SomzYCAQw

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