• DJECO in The Forest Progressive Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles Forest GNE5GjrNS

Its the pure definition of a perennial favorite. Jigsaw puzzles date back to the mid-1700s and have been delighting children ever since. Theres a simple joy to making order out of puzzle chaos and the sense of accomplishment on completion. DJECO takes this to the next level with puzzles of exceptional design and award-winning art by international artists. Striving for uniqueness beyond beauty; it may be a package designa simple puzzle that grows in challengegiant puzzles almost 4 feet longpuzzles that are art through physical designor challenging1000-piece masterpieces for the aficionado. Unplug with these boredom busters. Beginning in France in 1954DJECO creates award winningtimeless childrens products dedicated to qualityvalue and child development. With a philosophy of creativityboldness and passionour products are recognized as being as beautiful as they are entertaining. We believe that play is essential to a childs intellectual growth; awakening curiosityenriching boundless imagination and celebrating their inner brilliance. DJECO toys engageenergize and entertain. Originally focused on toysgames and puzzlesthe theyve expanded into crafts and home decorsets designed with artistryinspiration and a uniquehands-on aesthetic. Creating a place where kids can keep their hands in the paintbut their imaginations in the stars. We team with hundreds of internationally renowned artists who share our vison of promoting artistic discovery and freedom of imagination through play. Made from the highest quality materials with exacting and meticulous attention to detailplay value and artistryDJECO products are revolutionizing the toy box. Engaging illustrations draw the child inexceptional play enthrallsand the experience enhances a sense of wonder and delight. All DJECO products are child safe and completely non-toxicmeeting and exceeding all US and European testing standards.

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Small Parts

A unique puzzle that increases in difficulty as the child grows in skill; build the squirrelowl and bear
First sort by color then build each character one by onethe more pieces in each one the more challenging it becomes; 18 pieces
Helps develop skills in problem solvingfine motorconcentrationmemorycolor and shape sortingand visual reasoning
Made from the highest quality materials that resist peelingfading and creasing; precision cutting assures all pieces fit together smoothly
makes a perfect gift for the intrpid toddler puzzlers 2+

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DJECO in The Forest Progressive Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Jigsaw Puzzles Forest GNE5GjrNS

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