Since the 1870sthe purple and yellow colors of the Westminster Dog Show shine brightly in being Americas first dog show. If you think dogs are only judged based on how they walkthink again. There are 9 different groupings a dog can fall under and within those groupsa dog is judged on 14 individual attributes weighteyeshead shapeteethtailand coat are just a few to name. See if you can spot your favorite dog in Erics painting along with some fellow dog lovers like SantaDraculaTeddy Rooseveltand Elvis.

Each puzzle has a colorful story to tell
Fun and entertaining items are found within the intricate details of the artwork
Full color image insert with extra zip-lock baggie
Re-closable collectors box with sleeve
Made from high quality materials

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Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle Dog Show 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles pc Puzzle qI3NfItYG

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