The word mall in the 17th and 18th century simply meant a grassy area for people to attend social gatherings and entertainment. That is why its called the Washington D.C. National Mall. Its nicknameAmericas Front Yard is appropriate because over 30 monumentsmemorials and museums surround visitorsinspiring them to honor Americas pastlive in the presentand strive for a greater future. You might recognize some of your favorite monuments like the Lincoln Memorialthe WWII Memorialand Arlington Cemetery. Dont forget about some fun hidden easter eggs like Erics classic rooster and goose you can find in this fun folk art puzzle!

Each puzzle has a colorful story to tell
Fun and entertaining items are found within the intricate details of the artwork
Full color image insert with extra zip-lock baggie
Re-closable collectors box with sleeve
Made from high quality materials

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Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle Washington DC Mall 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Colorful 69LlojvYF

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