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Using natural pigmentshand-coloredsmall skin texturethe workmanship color is excessively naturalthe local texture is clearly visibleand the details have no burrs. Children can play with ease.

We will do our best to add a different color to your life! DUTUI

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[Multi-function] Forwardbackward turningtail swinging with color change12 colorstongue with sound (5 types)sleep for 10 minutesblue light flashes when turning left and rightblue light is always on when forward/backwardstop action changes Back to the main color.
[Intelligent] Smart remote control exercises baby's hand-eye-brain coordination while awakening handseyesand brainand easily improve baby's coordination ability from playing.
[Material] The body lines of the chameleon are designed with rounded cornerscarefully polishedsmooth and roundand do not hurt your hands. The mouth of the chameleon is a treasure boxand the chameleon can be remotely controlled to move forward and backwardturn left and turn right.
[Touch] The body and eyes can change color and can change 12 colors with one button remote control. Three-step predation and tongue catching are vivid and interesting. There are five sounds when you stretch your tongue. The chameleon's tail can swing left and right.
[Solution] If you are not completely satisfied with the purchased goodsplease let us knowand we will provide you with a satisfactory solution without any problems. Click the yellow "add to cart button" above to enjoy this absolutely risk-free purchase immediately. Thank you for choosing DUTUI! We will do our best to add a different color to your life!

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DUTUI Remote Control Chameleon Toy Fun Electric Intelligent Robot Toy Tyrannosaurus Electronic Pet Small Animal Toy Robots Black MWwxLFTo6

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