For real Office fans only! Give the ultimate gift for the ultimate Office fan!

A GREAT GIFT FOR THE ULTIMATE OFFICE FAN We all have that one friend or loved one that is absolutely obsessed with The Office. They watch reruns of the show all day long and recite lines like "That's what she said!". Well look no further than giving them the ultimate gift of the Dwight Schrute Bobblehead. All you have to do is watch their face light up when they open their gift!
FACTTHIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY BOBBLEHEAD That's right! This is high-quality replica of the bobblehead Angela gifts Dwight on Valentine's Day. The perfect gift for any occasion!
COMES WITH DWIGHT APPROVED PACKAGING This Dwight Bobblehead comes with a beautifully designed box that's sure to make you say WOW! Our box includes some life advice from Dwight himself. This box is Dwight Schrute approved.
INCLUDES A NOTE FROM DWIGHT SCHRUTE Each box includes a memo to his subordinates written by Dwight himself. Find out what the Assistant to the Regional Manager has to say!
PERFECT ACCESSORY FOR YOUR OFFICE Bring The Office to your office! Add the Dwight Schrute Bobblehead to spruce up your office or home desk! It'll be a great talking point with coworkers and you'll be able to find out who the real Office fans are in your office!

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Dwight Schrute Bobblehead from The Office The Ultimate Merchandise for The Office Fans Bobbleheads Multicolor wPdNXUi5Z

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