Custom series 4 inch plastic figures made pixel perfect! The original collectible custom action figure for fans of 8 bit gaming heroes. Each toy features the skin in the product images. Skins are applied using waterproof vinyl stickers. Characters come with weapons blind box style! Dolls have two weapon ports. Sets of 2 mini iron tools come random in every pack! With an armor piercing axe never be afraid of the nethera pigman or a ghast. A rogue dagger is perfect to throw at creepersa bow and arrow skeleton or enderman. A villager shovel is great for finding a mine or a buried chest. The diamond destroyer pickaxe good for mining emerald ore. Finallya dragon sword to take to the end to fight shulker or other ender mobs. All craft tools are imbued to ward off Herobrine or a wither. Collect all 5 to complete a survival mode playset. Be a super hero! Every case comes with a mystery vinyl cape. Samples are diamond swordsheartand night day landscape. Never feel like a noob wasting ink on crafting papercraft again. EnderToys are made of plastic with waterproof skins. Posable headarmsand legs are articulated to mime in-game movement. Bring your favorite tube famous skins to life to make your own story! Go plasticnot plush. Plushies are overrated bags of foam. A wide variety of boy and girl skinsthere's a toy for everyone. A great decoration for your shelfthey're the perfect gift for gamers or collectors. Birthday coming up They make great cake or cupcake toppers and beat a greeting card! Each toy is a complete kit of buildable parts that snap together. Trading parts between kits lets you make a new character! Want a shearable sheep catan ocelot wolf or derpy horse golem Make a game out of it-compete with your friends Alex and Steve to be the first to create a whole new animal never before seen. Bonus points if it's as cute as a baby plush bunny. Endless possibilities! NOT AN OFFICIAL PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG

EnderToys are 4-inch plastic action minifigures adorned with a waterproofscratch resistant vinyl skin
Zombies don't stand a chance against these custom series heroes! A mystery cape and 2 mini accessories comes inside each box-collect all 5 and get your figures ready for battle!
2 iron gray weapons come with all toys blind box style! Collectibles include a dragon slayer sworda diamond destroyer pickaxea villager shovela rogue daggerand an armor piercing axe
Each toy is fully articulated with a posable headarmsand legs that swivel to emulate video game locomotion and parts are interchangeable with other Pixelaction Figures-build new characters with multiple figurines!
Not an official product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang

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EnderToys Assassin Action Figure Toy 4 Inch Custom Series Figurines Statues White 9sjphkNrf

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