Can exercise children's hand-eye coordination abilityuse hands dexterouslyand promote the development of fine motor.
Providing a broad imagination can effectively promote the development of creative thinking and cultivate creative ability.
Cultivate children's observation and language skillsand experience the satisfaction and self-confidence of success.
Let children be more attentiveattentiveand patient in playingand lay a good foundation for future learning. Building blocks are an important teaching tool in parent-child game educationand it helps to promote the overall development of children's body and mind.

Product Type Children's 3D Puzzles
Product name Military helicopter model building block kit
Material ABS plastic
Number of building blocks 542
Number of people 5 puppets
Suitable age 6 years old and above
Packing size 55x31x9CM
Whether electric No
Packing method color box
Plastic raw material classification ABS
Plastic building block type small particles
Applicable age Juvenile (over 6 years old)

Important note Children are at risk of swallowing and losing parts. Be careful when playing with children. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with the productplease contact us in time. We will solve your problem in time within 12 hours.

Realistic helicopter building block model kit The lifelike cab can accommodate 1 dollthe tracking missiles on both sides can rotate left and right; the anti-real machine propeller can rotate up and down; the rear wing of the armed helicopter can adjust the angle up and down.
Improve ability cultivate children's thinking ability and practical abilityimprove the good relationship with parentsteachers and childrenmake children feel happylearning is a fun thing.
Product description Children need to assemble it by themselvesand a product manual is attached. Each step has graphic instructions and detailed assembly instructions. You can refer to the completed items on the box to verify each step.
Collection significance The miniature model is not only designed for playingbut also can be used for collection or decoration. Very suitable for Christmas/Birthday/Valentine's Day giftsit makes more sense to complete them by yourself. Suitable for children over 6 years old.
High-quality ABS material These building blocks are made of high-quality plastic with a smooth surface. Thereforethese blocks are close to each other and last a long time. The realistic miniature design makes this building kit cost-effective.

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