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Fun Learning with Puppets

Learning through play is a vital aspect of childhoodand experts say your child should be encouraged to do so every day. That is why we created hand and finger puppets that provide fun visual stimulation and interactivity. Our puppetssized for both adults and chldrenare great for story-telling and role-playing. With puppets you can present plays and dialogues.With a little encouragement from youhand puppets will help your children develop some important learning skills. Hand Puppet play is imaginative and open-ended and equally freeing for adults. Let your child take the lead and youll be amazed at where you will go together.

What are the benefits of puppet play

  • Language and Literacy Development -By capturing childrens attentionpuppets strengthen listening skills and vocabulary development
  • Social/Behavioral Development -A childs sensitive feelings and concerns can be acted out with puppets and this can help attentive parents or teachers better understand what is bothering a child. Puppets make it easier to communicate andthereforealso help build confidence.
  • Conflict Resolution - a parent or teachercan explore with children issues such as conflict resolutionempathyhow to deal with aggression and bullying from othershow to be kind and helpfuland many other situations.
  • Thinking Skills -It is through imaginative play that children come to understand the differences between fantasy and reality.They can retell stories using their memories and sequencing the events. Or they can be very imaginative and alter stories.
  • FUN! FUN! FUN! - Puppets are just a great way to have creative fun with children and adults.

A Glimpse of Our Puppet Product Line

Our hand puppets come in a variety of plush and fabric material. Choose from animal or family hand puppets. We are always expanding our line of puppets so you can find the character that's right for you.

Finger puppets provide a fun way to tell a story with many characters. They are cute and very portable. They make for an excellent small prize or Easter egg surprise.

Puppet theaters enhance the puppet experience immensely. Our theaters are colorful and come in a variety of colors. They take storytelling to a while new level.

#128056; HIGH QUALITY We are Proud of the Craftsmanship of our Finger Puppets Set and we are sure you and the kids will LOVE them! This is why we are backing them with 90-Day no questions asked money-back guaranteeto help you buy with confidence!
#128047; VALUE-PACK SET Get 20 finger puppets plush toys that include a dogfrograbbitelephantpandabearhippoduckmousemonkeypigsheepplatypustigerhorsemotherfathersondaughtergrandfather and grandmother
#128048; UNIQUE GIFT FOR CHILDREN Any kid will love getting this fun finger puppet set! Also great for schoolsday care and occupational therapy. Finger puppets are used by practitioners for literacylanguage and social/behavioral development. Also great for fun Easter egg surprises
#128054; EASY TO USE Puppets have long sheaths with a band on the inside that allow them to stay secure on the fingers. The puppets are made for childrenbut enjoyed by adults too.
#128106; SPARK CHILDREN'S IMAGINATION Kids can enjoy hours of creative play with these toys. Finger puppets provide a fun way to tell a story with many characters. Finger puppets are great for teaching ESLas birthday party favorssmall plush toy giftsEaster egg fillersimaginative playand more.

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Finger Puppet Set 20Piece 6 Family Member and 14 Animal Finger Puppets Plush Toys Great for Storytelling RolePlaying Teaching Easter Eggs and Fun Plush Figures Dachshund KzdKVxsgY

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