How to confirm the use range of walkie-talkie

The propagation of radio is likely to be blocked by obstacles. In the mountains and forestsobstacles such as trees will reduce the range of the radioand obstacles such as mountains may completely block the transmission of the radio. Thereforein these areasradio transmission will be restricted. In more urban areasbuildings will also severely block the propagation of radio. Most of the concrete reinforced bricks will reflect all radio waves. Thereforewhen using a walkie-talkie in a citythe range you receive is less than the expected range.

Enhance the fun of interaction - Games between friends are always funand our walkie-talkie can create a lot of gameplay. The clear sound quality is that we use professional anti-interference voice technology to reduce noise and protect children's ears.
Adorable design - Apart from a blinking eye during usageit is made by durable and environmental friendly materialwhich is cutesmalllightweight and it has 5 ft Anti-fall for kids. With ergonomic design for easily graspingGOCOM walkie-talkie are also easy to carry around with lanyards and belt clipswhilst still resisting to wear and tear to provide kids with endless entertainment!
Easy to use - This walkie-talkie has easy-to use features that very suitable to kids. It has long battery lifeautomated shut-down for energy savingcall tonechannel scanautomatic channel locklow battery alert and more to explore. Kids can simply press PTT key to talk using built-in microphone and stay connecting with friends and families. It has 9 channels with lots of private code to facilitate a good communication!
Smart Safety - It also can assist parents to have real-time monitoring of childrenprevent kid-lost casesand communicate instantly in case kids need immediate assistant. The radio battery door is also come with a tight screw that can prevent children to open up the battery.
An amazing gifts for age 4 and above - GOCOM walkie-talkie is a creative electronic gadget for HalloweenThanksgivingChristmas or Birthday present. It is very suitable for kids at age 4 and above. Let the kids have this amazing gift and enjoy while learning how the radio frequency bring them a distance communication!

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