This is a novelty inductive toy that magically follows the marking line.

If you place the inductive pig in a different placeit runs in the circle until it finds the line.

The car is charged via USB.

The line thickness should not be less than 4 mm and should not exceed 10 mm. Non-sharp line

Makes a perfect gift for your little one

Game Instructions

Use a normaldark pen or marker to draw a line on a white sheet of paper.

Turn on the switch on the robot.

Place the robot on the drawn line.

The robot automatically drives on the line.

When the line is finishedthe vehicle continues in the direction followed by the previous line.

If the line is too thinthe vehicle may differ from the line. Please make the line thicker (the line should be a quarter inch thick).

Package includes

1 x pig toy.

1 x USB charging cable.

[ High Technology In This Tiny Pig ] Light sensors help pig detect and follow the marker trail automatically. Its micro computer tells it what to do without losing track and will follow the line back to the start! Your pig knows where to go!
[ Inductive Mini Pig ] The mini pig toys has an optical sensor insideso it can read black thick line drawn by any black mark pen.
[ Inspire Kids' Creativity ] Kids or children can plan routes for the pig to follow with their own imagination and creativity. The pig will help kids to increase creativity.
[ Useful Tips ] The line thickness should between 0.4-1.0cm(0.16-0.39inch). 0.6cm(a quarter inch) thickness is bestand non sharp-angled line. The pig will turn in circle if placed elsewhere until it finds a black line to follow.
[ Novelly Gift for Kids ] Kids will be amazed at how the inductive pig follows the Black Line automatically and have great fun. Just like magic!

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HJJ Creative Pen Inductive Toy Pig Mini Inductive Robot Pigs That Follows The Black Line You Draw USB Charging for Toddlers Kids Robots Defult Gx1IEOqhG

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