InGooooD Jigsaw Puzzle

InGooooD is a young jigsaw puzzle brand that inherits the fine traditions of the puzzle industry

and is dedicated to making puzzles that immerse playersforget about the other things

Immersion is another way to relax and release yourself. Whether you are immersed in solitude

or immersed in the joy of interacting with your familyit is a release for yourself.

InGooooD is interested in using modern craftsmanship to bring a better experience to players,

find more interesting pictures to share with jigsaw enthusiast.

Wooden Puzzle - A Gift with Texture

Most of the InGooooD brand's puzzles are made of wood. The wooden puzzles pieces are a bitharder

than paper puzzles. The requirements for slicing knives are even higher. We chose hard basswood

as the raw material. This kind of basswood is easy to print and has a good bite.At the same time,

we spent a long time studying how to slice as much as possible on such hard wood chips

without breaking. Every piece of wooden puzzle can make a crisp sound when it falls on the table.

Each piece looks very firm and will be a very texture gift.

Age of Discovery

Age of Discoveryalso known as the Age of Exploration or the Age of Great Navigation and the opening of new shipping routeswas from the 15th to 17th centuries when European fleets appeared in the oceans of the worldlooking for new trade routes and trading partners to develop the new capitalism of Europe.

Beautifully Printed - Hanging and Decorated

All the puzzles of the InGooooD brand's puzzles are printed with the Heidelberg printer to ensure the freshness and balance of the colors. Whether it's paper or wooden puzzlesplayers will find that InGooooD's puzzle picture is slightly thicker than other puzzles. This is we will make a layer of surface treatment on the puzzleso that the puzzled picture has a beautiful layer. luster. After the completion of these detailsdeserve to be frame as a decoration at the home or in the office.

Series Products - Preparation for Collectors (Fantasy Series)

InGooooD offers a selection of products for players to purchasewe will carefully select the picturessimilar pictures will form a series. Jigsaw enthusiasts can easily collect the entire series of InGooooD puzzles and enjoy the fun of collection. Fantasy is based on realityand reality leads fantasy.

FANTASY SERIES- Series of brilliant colorful fantasy pictures. InGooooD jigsaw puzzle No. IG-0398.Ingooood
IMMERSED AND RELEASED--Enjoy your time of wholeheartedly concentrate on puzzle solving. Good for family leisure time and entertainment. Best gift for your friends and family.
ENJOY AND RELAX--This is Entry Level with letters tips on the back of every piece for easy solving.
POPULAR SIZES--1000 pieces wooden jigsaw puzzle. Finished size 50*75cm (19.68*29.52 inches).
FREE GUARANTEE--Missing piece Contact usreplacement pieces will be send to you immediately.

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