Get Your Hands On A Killer Laser Blast Set!

A Mega-Realistic Laser Battle Set Packed with Exciting Features!

4 different gun modes allow for interesting options - each includes a different range of available shots and lives taken per shotso choose wisely between PistolShotgunSubmachine Gun and Rocket! Thundering sound effects along with cool lights and tactile vibrations bring the combat to life!

No need to wear a vest - the built-in receiver allows your gun to act as the target. You have 9 lives per gameas indicated on the LIVES BAR on your gun - be sure to protect them!

Make for a memorable birthday partyfamily reunionor vacation when you bring 'em along! Play in any environmentinside or outside - with a max strike of 130 feetthe playing field can be almost as big and varied as you like.

Get Ready to Fight To The Last Man!

Are you prepared for a heart-pumpingmind-blowing laser battle Let's go!

  • Choose your team color and weapon type along with all other players.
  • At the count of 3-2-1scatter and stake out the perfect shooting spot!
  • Take aim at your opponent's blasters to eliminate their lives. In the meantimetry to defend yourself from being hit!
  • Switch between weapon modes mid-game and make sure to reload as needed!
  • Win by taking all of the enemy's lives to send them off the battlefield and conquer the territory!
Get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Kidzlane Laser Gun Set!

All you need for hours of fun are a few willing participants and this Laser Battle Mega Pack.


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Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game Set of 2 Green Orange Infrared Laser Guns Indoor and Outdoor Activity Infrared 09mW Kids Electronics Blue gBbEFQkCQ

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