Lanco is a family owned business from BarcelonaSpain and one of Europes oldest all natural toy manufactures since 1952. All rubber ducks are 100% organic and made from the sap of sustanable rubber trees. Each duck is handcrafted and finished with all natural vegetable dies offering a product that is safe for children and pets. The ducks are soft and malleable and make a squeaking sound. Although the product is biodegradablethe rubber material and paint are very durable and will last. Further ECO FRIENDLY details are provided under the bulleted section above.

ECO-FREINDLY All Lanco Toys are 100% naturalbiodegradableand created from sustainable rubber trees. We have a green production process structured in handwork phases that leaves a negligible impact on the environment and pollution footprint.
PVC PBA Free Toys are made of natural rubber and free of NitrosaminesPhthalatesBBPDBPand DEHP. Natural food coloring is used to decoratethe toys which are free of CadmiumAluminiumCobaltBariumLeadMercuryand Selenium. All toys are safe if chewed or placed in a childs mouth.
HAND MADE All toys are strictly handmade by our experienced artisans. We develop the mouldsshaperefineand decorate the toys manually. Each toy is unique and represents artisanal work since 1952.
100% ORGANICLanco Toys are exclusively made of natural rubber from the white sap of the Hevea Brasiliersis tree. We do not add any other material that would alter its natural properties such as elasticitysoftnessand biodegradability.
BRING A SMILE 100's of styles to choose from and imported from Spain

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Lanco Classic Yellow Rubber Duck Bath Toy All Natural Organic Eco Friendly Squeaker Collectable 3 Imported from Barcelona Spain Bath Toys Yellow gbghyGTC1

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