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Dive for lost treasure with the Deep Sea Scuba Scooter! Search for lost treasure with the Deep Sea Scuba Scooterincluding 2 harpoonsoctopusseaweed2 crystals and a scuba diver minifigure. Join the scuba diver on a deep-sea exploration for lost treasure with the Deep Sea Scuba Scooter! Steer the awesome scuba scooter through the clear water and down to the depths. Then use the robotic arms to grab the precious crystalbut watch out for the giant octopus lurking in the seaweed! It also has a crystal gripped tightly in one of its long tentacles! Can you retrieve the precious crystal Includes a scuba diver minifigure.

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This item has never been open but shws some shelf wear on the box corners. This is a good value purchase.

Includes a scuba diver minifigure
Features a scuba scooter with spinning propellers2 robotic arms and 2 harpoonsoctopusseaweed and 2 crystals
Search for sunken treasure; take control of the awesome scuba scooter
Grab the crystals with the scuba scooter's robotic arm; watch out for the huge octopus
Scuba scooter measures over 1" (3cm) high2" (7cm) long and 2" (6cm) wide

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LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60090 Scuba Scooter Building Kit Building Sets Makaron 2rtyBv2K6

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