Kids can stage stunning adventures from season 1 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series with this modern update of the Ultra Sonic Raider (71739). The 4-in-1 vehicle can be taken apart to create a separate motorcycle toyjet plane with spring-loaded shooters and 2 all-terrain vehicles. This unique playset includes 7 minifigures ninjas KaiZaneCole and Jayplus snake soldiers Mezmo and Rattla from the Hypnobrai tribegiving kids all they need to stage gripping battles. New for June 2021there is also a never-seen-before Zane Legacy golden collectible minifigure with a stand to celebrate 10 years of NINJAGO toys. LEGO NINJAGO playsets transport kids to a world of fun-filled adventure. There they can join their brave heroes to take on the forces of evil as they play with an amazing collection of cool toys including dragonsmechs and so much more.

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LEGO NINJAGO Ultra Sonic Raider (71739) is a unique 4-in-1 ninja vehicle that separates into a jet planea motorcycle toy and 2 all-terrain vehiclesso the fun never stops
Action-packed playset includes 7 minifigures ninjas KaiColeZaneJay and Zane Legacy to take on snake soldiers Rattla and Mezmo from season 1 of the NINJAGO TV series
Kids have the exciting choice to fly the jet plane with spring-loaded shooters or drive the motorcycle toy or 2 all-terrain vehicles. Thereis space in each of the 4 vehicles for a ninja minifigure
Includes a golden Zane Legacy collectible minifigure with a small stand to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO toys
Look out for more special golden minifigures in 5 other NINJAGO sets including Tournament of Elements (71735)Boulder Blaster (71736)Fire Dragon Attack (71753) and X-1 Ninja Charger (71737)

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LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Ultra Sonic Raider 71739 Building Kit with a Motorcycle Plane and Collectible Minifigures New 2021 725 Pieces Building Sets Multi Qbzbzp006

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